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You are about to enter a Web 1.0 site dedicated to Cirno the Ice Fairy from Jun'ya "ZUN" Ota/Team Shanghai Alice's "Touhou Project" series of games. This website is best displayed on computers, not ARM devices. Furthermore, this site was not designed with newer browsers and modern standards in mind. If you wish to proceed, click on "Enter" below.



Kugee for agreeing to host this site, you should check out his website "Razorback"
Blue Horizon for coming up with the idea to take the domain icefairy.org after we couldn't get cirno.com, you should also check out his site "Blue OS Museum"
Myself for having the idea to make this site in the first place, inspired by a love for old Web 1.0 sites, Cirno herself, and Kugee's "Make websites, not accounts" motto

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