Affiliate websites

Razorback The website of Kugee, the man behind shows such as Hardcore Windows and 240P POLITICS, as well as the host of Razorback, the rest of the affiliate websites, and this website. Go visit it, watch some videos or check out what he has to say on things.
Blue OS Museum The website of Blue Horizon, a great person to be around first and foremost, someone who I view in very high regard, as well as an archivist of discs and VHS tapes. Check it out, read his reviews on Windows beta builds.
LuxuryAerozona The website of LuxuryAerozona.
DreamProject The website of blurry99, creator of DreamProject. Download Windows 98 Dream Edition if you're interested in trying to get Windows 98 to run on modern hardware.
THEBaratusII The website of THEBaratusII, a nice guy with a love for old FPS games and anime girls. He is also a VTuber who broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch, if you're into that kind of thing.
DOSBOX Deathmatch Club Do you miss playing deathmatch on old FPS games on MS-DOS, fragging people left and right? Join the DOSBOX Deathmatch Club today* and get back into the game!
ArcaneSpy The website of ZNukem/ZLegendaryGamer, who has a great Duke Nukem voice and has some files available for you to go look at.
*A Discord account, which requires modern hardware, is required to join.

Other websites for older browsers

The Old Net A great website that has the functionality of Internet Archive's WayBackMachine but it works on older browsers. Read the news without all the JavaScript, HTML5, etc... Bias may still be present, but honestly you should be watching 240P POLITICS anyway. Made by the same person who made FrogFind.
Wiby A great search engine for older browsers.
FrogFind! Another search engine for older browsers. Inferior to Wiby in my opinion (for reasons other than Cirno's thoughts on frogs), but some people may like the fact that it's a DuckDuckGo proxy that can display modern webpages and compress them to work on older browsers. Made by the same person who made
Toasty Tech A website that has been around since 1998, Nathan Lineback has been alive for long enough to witness basically all of tech history, and he's got a lot to say about it. We're not worthy, we're not worthy.