About Me

I am a guy who likes Cirno, technology, food, and sometimes other things.

I was born in 2001 in Florida, which is where I remain to this day.

I first started using computers when I was young, and I gained an Internet connection not too long afterward, which is where I got to experience YouTube for the first time in 2006, which has since become a giant corporate shithole that younger me probably would have been unable to recognize from what YouTube looked like at the time had he seen what YouTube would have became.

In the 2010's, I began to (somewhat) accept stuff like smartphones and social media. That was a BIG MISTAKE, as I would learn later on.

In 2019, I met an individual on a Zandronum (Doom source port based on Skulltag, a multiplayer source port) server and became friends with him. He showed me the truth about this world, that everything's gone to complete shit. Memes aren't good anymore, websites aren't good anymore, graphics aren't good anymore, etc... He was right. That individual happened to be Blue Horizon, who now hosts the Blue OS Museum. I thank him for not feeding me the bullshit that everyone else tried to feed me. I don't know where my life would be today if I hadn't met him.

Later in 2019, I became a fan of Touhou Project. I basically fell in love with the Stage 2 boss the very moment I saw her. It was literally love at first sight. That would later prove to be the inspiration for this website.

In 2022, after a few years of having known Blue Horizon, I met Kugee, who hosts Razorback, Blue OS Museum, and the affiliate sites. He would later go on to host this website. I am very thankful for this. Kugee proved to me that something needed to be done about stuff like the current state of the web today. His motto, "Make websites, not accounts", began to speak to me in a way that had never been seen before.

Also in 2022, I switched to Linux after almost two decades of using Micro$oft Window$.

In late 2022, I got the idea to make a Web 1.0 website for Cirno, so that people can look for information on the perfect existence without needing to use modern technology. I love Cirno, and I want people to be able to find information on her on something like an old Windows 3.1 or 95 computer. That was the idea behind this website. I slowly began working on this website little by little, as motivation comes and goes whenever it pleases.

And finally, in 2023, I released this website to the world, with the host being Kugee and the website being made with SeaMonkey Composer on a Linux Mint computer.